Tuesday 15th August 2006

Oh my, I thought compared to normal there were already a lot of people in the house but now another three have arrived. This time they are my master’s brother and his family. So I now make it sixteen hands to stroke me and throw balls for me. Can’t be bad.

Ok, I admit it. I have resorted to direct action with the moles. I have started peeing on the mole hills to see if that will put them off. If I am going to pee on all of the hills I may have to start drinking rather more but at least it’s a start.

I have been thinking about this whole decorating thing and I want my room done. I have been saying I would like a new bed for ages as there seem to be spare bits of me hanging over the edges of the one I have got and ‘cosy’ has long since stop being a suitable euphemism for small. In fairness if I curl up I do still fit in it quite nicely with just enough room for my pig but when I start chasing rabbits in my sleep there really is no hope of all of me staying inside the bed at all. I do now have a picture in my room and a clock, although the clock needs a new battery so it permanently says bedtime but I can live with that.

When we went for a walk yesterday I got very confused. We went along a bit in the woods that I remember being lovely and muddy and guaranteed to allow me to get really dirty, so naturally when my mistress said that is where we were going I got very excited. Somebody has stolen my mud. They have also stolen the curvy bits of footpath too but I was less concerned about that. In place of the mud they have put lots of little stones that are not nearly as much fun to get between your toes. I did the whole walk with my nose firmly on the ground to see if I could sniff out where the old mud had gone but to no avail. I guess this is what they call progress. There are also nice blue signs that mark that it is a public footpath, which if I am honest just makes it worse because now other people will come and use it too and I thought it was mine. I left as much of my scent along the way as I could to ensure that anyone coming after me would know it was my territory but I don’t suppose it will make any difference.