Wednesday 16th August 2006

Sometimes you see the strangest things when you are driving along the road. I wasn’t actually doing the driving before you get the wrong idea, I was the passenger. We passed a lorry that had some giant tea cups and saucers on the back of it. I presumed they were either being delivered to a giant or to someone who gets very thirsty. My other suggestion was it might be for some workmen to save them brewing up quite as often. My mistress explained they were part of a fair and that was actually a ride. Now I am even more confused. Why would anyone want to go round and round in circles in a tea cup. Is it a way of stirring the drink if you haven’t got a spoon handy or is it some bizarre ritual that is operated in some parts of the world? You would think for one journey that was quite enough excitement for me but further along the traffic was going really slowly and it turned out there was a train on the back of a lorry. Now correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought the whole point of trains was that they run on rails and not on the road, otherwise all those miles of train track seem to be a bit of a waste of effort. My mistress thought they may be delivering somewhere or taking it to a place that the railway didn’t get to very easily. I have my own theories. I think it might have broken down, in which case it is not a very good advert for travelling by train. Failing that I think it was a sinister plot to slow all the road traffic down and make more people think it would be quicker to travel by train and rush out and buy some tickets. I may be getting a little carried away here, as I presume if that was their intention they would at least have disguised it as something else first so that it was not so obvious.

There were 33 mole hills at the last count and I am starting to doubt the sense in the saying ‘don’t make a mountain out of a mole hill’ as a way to reduce over concern with regard to a situation. I am actually starting to think ‘a mole hill’ should describe a complete crisis in anybody’s book! Maybe if things are really bad we should say ‘I’ve got a real mole hill situation here.’ Or maybe when you want to express the state of something that is about to go very wrong you should say ‘the moles are really about to move in on this one’.