Saturday 5th August 2006

It is really funny listening to my mistress at the moment. This whole getting married thing is clearly very confusing for her. She doesn’t seem to know what her name is. She answers the phone with the wrong name almost every time, resulting either in lengthy explanation or fits of laughter depending who it is. I caught her trying to work out how to write and sign her name the other day. Bless her. She would start writing one thing and half way through it would become something else completely. I said she should do something completely different from her current signature to reduce confusion. My master said if it was a signature why not leave it the same as it was, most peoples’ signatures can’t be ready so what would it matter if it actually said a different name to the one she would write. Being stubborn she just ignored both of us and carried on trying. I was asking her why I was called Alfie. She couldn’t remember what had started it but she had put that forward for the family dog’s name before I was even born. She showed me an email from last October where she had suggested it to my master. Of course it wasn’t agreed that easily and it was only after lots of other names had been considered that it was finally agreed that the original suggestion would be ok. She did cheat just a little bit in the discussions. She got the children on her side which always makes it hard for the dad to disagree. At the end of the day if my mistress is happy and the children are happy then my master is happy too. I’m quite pleased really, I think the name Alfie rather suits me.

There is an altogether new experience going on in the house at the moment. My mistress with a little help from James is busy doing some decorating. Strangely they are painting a room in a funny pink colour that is not at all to my liking but there is no accounting for taste and my mistress was at pains to explain it was not for her. I offered to help and suggested we could do a fancy paw print pattern around the edge. My mistress asked me as gently as possible if I could possible keep my paws out of the paint. Apparently you are supposed to apply it with brushes and avoid getting it over everywhere else. Tell me, where is the fun in that? I said as much to James and whilst he agreed with me he said he was having to do his best not to get it everywhere as otherwise he wouldn’t be allowed to help. Sometimes my mistress really needs to let her hair down.