Friday 4th August 2006

I have been reflecting on the night time ritual I mentioned yesterday and it has dawned on me that it is not fair. Now don’t get me wrong I quite enjoy the bedtime snack it provides but no one else in the house has to do it. They have all got mosquito plugs in their rooms, why haven’t I got one in mine?

The way things are run in Belgium sure beats me. The post lady rang the bell yesterday and my mistress went down the drive to see her. My mistress asked if she could help and the post lady said she had now put it in the letterbox. As my mistress went to the letter box the post lady drove off. In the letter box was a card saying that they had tried to deliver a parcel which the post lady despite talking to my mistress had now driven off with back to the post office. Somewhere in there I think the logic might be flawed. Why didn’t she give my mistress the parcel anyway or did she prefer the thought that after someone had paid for delivery my mistress now had to complete and hour round trip to go and collect it having waved it off down the road with the post lady. The end result was that my mistress was not in a good mood so I suggest steering clear for a while would be a good idea.

Now I am not one to cause alarm but I think there is something alive in the bottom of the swimming pool. It isn’t exactly the Loch Ness Monster but when my mistress tried to clean the ‘dirt’ off the bottom some of it swam off. After it had done it 2 or 3 times she started to think it may not be a coincidence. I suggested that if she would like to provide me with a little rod and line I would sit there for a while to see if it would bite. My mistress thought that using the net might be more effective but it is right at the bottom and seems to move very fast, besides which I find holding the net a bit clumsy with my paws. Maybe it’s a tiny piranha and it will get bigger as it eats people in the pool. My mistress says in which case it may simply be related to the mosquitoes that live round here that are in the process of eating every bit of her, including bits you wouldn’t think they could get to! All I will say is that she is sitting down very gingerly at the moment!!!