Tuesday 1st August 2006

Well my master and mistress have finally brought their wedding presents back to Belgium. The outdoor dominoes are relatively easy to understand but I am having a bit more difficulty with the chess set. I have sort of understood that my pawns move forwards, except when they move diagonally and that they move one space, except when they move two. What I don’t get are the little horses that can’t make up their minds if they are going forwards or diagonally and seem to do both at once every turn, except when my opponent knocks them off the board. It’s odd that the queen is more useful than the king in the way it moves but it is still the king that means you lose. Perhaps I will stick to the dominoes. I am even more excited by the bar-b-q. My reasoning is that from observation this type of cooking involves more food being dropped which can only be a good thing for a dog. Also as the master seems to think he gets to do the bar-b-qing I’m guessing I will get more than the usual opportunities anyway.  I have been badgering my mistress since she got back to let me try out the cookie cutters. I have even promised not to eat all the mixture before it goes in the oven, I am not entirely sure she believed me.

James arrived together with the wedding presents, I am not absolutely sure which was more exciting for me. It means I have someone to play dominoes with, although to be quite honest I am not altogether sure how to play. Still that doesn’t normally stop me. In my experience of playing games with children you just make up the rules as you go along and as long as it makes sense to some of you and everyone is happy it’s fine. It only becomes a problem when adults come and get involved and try to tell you that you are doing it incorrectly, how can it be incorrect if you have made up your own rules and you are enjoying playing? I see it more as ‘evolution’ after all how would games like rugby have been invented if adults had simply come along and said ‘you can’t do it like that’?

I am told I am going to have my photo taken with my mistress in her wedding dress. I am not absolutely sure whether to believe them. It is a nice idea but do you really think she will not mind getting my hair and paw prints on it? When I said that too her she laughed and said the train of the dress had already got quite dirty and she would be much happier if it was my dirt than just anybodies. I wonder if she really meant it. Either way it was a lovely thing to say to me.