Monday 31st July 2006

I thought I would do a bit of tidying up before James arrives later. I have put all my toys together in one corner with a little sign on them saying ‘These belong to Alfie’. I know sharing is good and as long as that extends to James playing with them with me then I will be more than happy, but what would I do if he decided to play with my pig on his own?

I made a new friend last week but as with all these things he has now gone away so I won’t see him for a while. His name is Elvis which has already led to my master trying to make wisecrack jokes that no one got until he explained them. I always find if you have to explain a joke it may not really have worked. Anyway Elvis is quite small but has bundles of energy. He is as soft as I am so we can roll around and tumble without either of us thinking it is about who is in charge. It always confuses me when I am having a simple game and then I find out that to the dog I am playing with it is something else completely and he is really trying to prove he is boss. It would be so much easier if the other dogs told me that at the start as I would just roll over and save them all the bother. Anyway, Elvis is really fun and as he lives near here I think it might be possible for him to come round sometimes. Once we had worn ourselves out and were having a chat it turned out that he had the same problem as me of only having one testicle and had to have the operation I will need to have. He came through it ok which is a relief and goes to the same vet which is even better. My master said perhaps we should change vet but I said the problem wasn’t the vets fault. He did know that really. Elvis had to have a funny collar thing on for a while to stop him taking his stitches out. He was saying he used to forget he had it on and run into things and get a bit of a shock. Apparently eventually he ran into the garage and it fell off but by then he was healing so it didn’t matter so much. I am not sure I really want to wear one of those collars, do you think if I promised not to take my stitches out I would be allowed not to?