Thursday 27th July 2006

We went into Antwerp yesterday. To be honest I think my mistress was rather hoping I was going to stay at home but there is only so much being left out a dog can take. Anyway, in the car park, opposite where we parked there were two glass doors. One was the ladies toilet and one was the men’s. Well a glass door on a ladies loo is one thing you only get to see them drying their hands but it seems a bit odd on a blokes one – why build a separate room for it at all if you are going to have them on show to the whole world. Humans become more like dogs all the time.

My mistress is relieved that I haven’t forgotten any of the things she had taught me before she went away. I have learnt to sit on command. Now I realise that doesn’t sound very impressive but we have moved on from verbal commands. I now understand when my mistress tells me with just a finger movement or a nod of the head. It is great that I can tell what she wants from some distance as long as I look at her. I will also go to her when beckoned. I get so much fuss and praise for getting it right that I have completely gone off the idea of disobeying. I was mortified however when the people I was staying with last week actually told my master that I had spent a lot of the time rolling around the garden with the other dogs and that it didn’t matter how small the other dog was I always ended up at the bottom of the pile. My master said I was a wimp. I think that is a little unfair. I like to think of it more in terms of the fact that no one makes friends by pushing them around and if you win all the time then other dogs don’t want to play with you. Of course winning once in a while might be considered acceptable but I don’t want to be too rough with the little dogs and besides some of them can really bark! I don’t need to be top dog to prove I am the best, I know my mistress thinks I am lovely the way I am and she doesn’t think I’m a wimp. The good news is there are only a couple of days to go until James arrives, perhaps I can be above him in the pecking order. Secretly I think I am above my master too but it is best he doesn’t realise I think that way.