Wednesday 26th July 2006

At the youth club yesterday it was announced that the building work for the Woodland Centre will be finished at the end of July, right on schedule. It means that the youth club will move across there from the start of August. I might go over occasionally but I shan’t go every week anymore. One or two of the rabbits have been trying to persuade their parents to move to the far wood to make it easier for them to go, but I don’t suppose they will have much luck. I guess they could move when they are old enough to have a burrow of their own but by then they will be too old for youth club.

Up until now my mistress has been able to put things on the work surface in the kitchen out of my reach. Not any more! I have now discovered that I can stand on my back legs and put my front legs on the work surface. This enable me to get my nose and if necessary my mouth over the edge to investigate. Whilst my mistress has already caught me doing this, which will mean she is on her guard, I know what she is like when she is cooking and it is inevitable that she will forget. It will be a time such as when she is flustered serving up lots of meals, but rest assured I am ready. I am not fussy whether it is a pork chop or spaghetti bolognaise, or for that matter anything else that is edible. I will be there, ready to be food taster.

Whilst I was away the bamboo in the garden has grown so much that I think the only solution is to invite a panda to move in. I wonder if we could get one on loan from the zoo rather than it move in completely. It’s not that I would really mind having it live here but from the pictures I have seen I am just a little bit concerned that it might look more cuddly than me and therefore get more fuss. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not a particularly jealous dog I just feel a bit sensitive having been apart from my master and mistress for a couple of weeks. Bamboo or no bamboo I don’t think I’m quite ready to share them with a panda. We could do with a sheep for the grass too and maybe a giraffe to keep the hedges in order. At least if there were a number of other animals it would reduce the risk of one of them replacing me. Perhaps I could be in charge of managing their gardening activities. I could set up a gardening business “gardening the natural way” in which I took the animals round to do a clean up operation of people’s gardens.