Friday 21st July 2006

Once Chloe had got some bouncing out of her system yesterday we spent the day playing together. She asked if I had won any awards as I was clearly a very good looking dog. I think I blushed. I said I hadn’t tried to enter any and I was only 8 months old. I was worried that might put her off and had wondered about lying about my age but she would have found out in the end. Fortunately she didn’t seem to mind that I was younger than she is, so I asked if she had won any awards herself. She says she isn’t really keen on obedience as there isn’t enough bouncing involved but she does enjoy agility and has done quite well in that. I told her about the rosette my mistress has got from the Denbury May Fair for winning ‘Dog most like it’s owner’ which when you win it with a bearded collie tells you quite a bit about my mistress, and we both laughed about it with me describing my mistress to her and her trying to think what type of dog her owners were most like. I tried to think what sort my master was most like but it wasn’t easy. Chloe is only here until tomorrow so it doesn’t seem so bad that I am going home on Sunday, at least I think that is when I am going home!

I had a post card form my mistress this morning. I didn’t know whether to be pleased or whether it makes things worse. Apparently the weather is lovely, but then it is here too.  She says that the food is good which really annoyed me as I am fed up with only getting dog food and nobody to slip me odd bits of things under the table. At least they haven’t forgotten me which is something I suppose. One piece of good news is that my friend James is coming to stay again in just over a week’s time. I can’t wait to play hide and seek and to show him all the new things I have learnt. I wonder if he will be impressed with how much I have grown? My master and mistress have had some cookie cutters as a wedding present do you think my mistress would help James and me to use them or do you think she will still remember the ‘toffee incident’ where we got bored and left her to stir it for half an hour whilst we went to play? I suppose the biggest problem with cookie cutters, quite apart form getting cookie mixture stuck to my paws, would be stopping my self from eating it all before it got as far as the oven. At least my master has been given some burn proof gloves by the best man so I will be able to take things out of the oven without finding holes in the oven gloves where my master set fire to them!