Saturday 22nd July 2006

I spent all of yesterday with Chloe as well, we are inseparable. I’m having to fit in writing this whilst she bounces for a bit. I didn’t think I would meet a dog that liked bouncing even more than I do but I am not a patch on Chloe. She is going home this morning and I really don’t want her to go. We have exchanged phone numbers but I had to explain that I had run out of credit so I wouldn’t be able to ring her for at least a couple of days. I suggested we should try an encourage our owners to have their holidays at the same time so that we could both come back here to stay but it is quite difficult to get them to take our diaries into account. I really want to go with them but it will be a tough choice between a trip to the South of France, where my mistress says she has seen dogs riding motorbikes with their owners, or getting to see Chloe again. Maybe my mistress could arrange to take me and Chloe to the South of France. We could walk along the promenade together and enjoy the sunshine. Maybe we could hire a motorbike for just the two of us, I know my mistress isn’t all that keen on motorbikes so I would just have to convince my master that he didn’t want to do it with me. I get lots of warm feelings every time I think of Chloe you don’t think I’m in love do you? Being just a puppy it has never happened before, except of course squirrel but somehow that is different. I wonder if my mistress will understand if I explain it to her. I wonder if she has ever felt like this. My master and mistress have at least rung and confirmed that they are picking me up tomorrow night, I do hope they don’t forget me as I wouldn’t want to get all excited and then feel all let down and abandoned again. I have been looking at all their wedding pictures on the internet. I don’t think I have ever seen my mistress wearing a dress before, she looks a bit different than when we are out walking and she is all scruffy. I had no idea that underneath all the scruff there was someone who could look like that. I wonder if she would put her dress on to have a picture taken with me when she gets back, it would be lovely to pretend I was there really.