Tuesday 18th July 2006

Diary, I am beside myself with grief. My master and mistress didn’t come and pick me up yesterday. It turns out that I had completely misunderstood them. When they said they were coming back on the Monday after the wedding what else was I to think than they were coming to pick me up to take me with them. It turns out they have now gone away for a few days on their own, without me. I felt so stupid last night when I rang them to say ‘where are you?’  and they asked me what I meant. Then I had to face the embarrassment of unpacking my bag with all the other dog laughing at me. I had tears rolling down my face so I just went to find a quiet corner of the garden to hide in.  Why is it that people, or in this case dogs, can be so cruel when a dog is hurting? Whatever happened to them showing their sensitive sides. They wouldn’t like it if I made fun of them. So, some of them have got short legs and may not be as effective in their cleaning regimes but do I make fun of them? I might walk over them by mistake if they are small but it’s only because I am not looking where I am going. Anyway, with my master and mistress it turns out it was all a bit of a misunderstanding but that doesn’t make me feel any better. Well it wouldn’t would it? It may not have been said exactly, that I was going with them but I thought it was the right thing to assume. Now I am faced with realising they actually didn’t want to take me. Oh it isn’t like the bit when they were in England. I understood my passport was not valid yet and I couldn’t go, but I can travel round other parts of Europe and I am willing to try flying. Perhaps it is because I haven’t been good. Perhaps if I behaved better and didn’t jump up they would have taken me. Do you think if I ring them and say I will try really hard to be good they would come back and get me?

I’m also not sure what to do about the postcard for Harry and Nicole. I had assumed I was going to be sending it from somewhere a little more interesting than the next village to where we live. I had sort of given them the impression I was going somewhere exciting. I wonder if I get someone to take it further away and post it for me so that I don’t feel a complete fraud.