Monday 17th July 2006

Oh diary I am so excited. Today is the day my master and mistress drive back home. I have packed my little bag already and keep running to look out of the window to see if they are here yet. I hope they have brought me back a lovely big present. Obviously the present isn’t the most important thing. If I keep saying that to myself over and over then maybe I will remember to say all the nice things like “Hello, I’ve missed you” rather than rushing up to them and saying “Where’s my present, which bag is it in.” When you feel like this it is hard to concentrate on anything else. One of the other dogs asked if I fancied a game of cards to pass the time whilst I was waiting. It was really nice of him, but I just couldn’t concentrate. He had said snap every time before I noticed that the cards were even vaguely similar. He did try suggesting we should play something like Black Jack and play for money but in my state of mind I was not likely to win. My best bet is probably to spend the day running round the garden to tire myself out so that I can sleep for a while. The only problem with that is that I don’t want to be asleep when they get here.

Yesterday was quite fun. One of the dogs suggested we organise our own little sports day so we set up an obstacle race and an agility course and a ‘stick and stone race’, it’s like an egg and spoon race but without the egg and without the spoon! I wanted to do a sack race but we couldn’t find any sacks at short notice. There was an elderly dog that said he would act as referee as he really was a bit past taking part. This worked until he fell asleep half way through the 400 metres hurdles. We were just having an argument about whether the sheltie should be disqualified for running underneath and she was saying that as she only had little legs she didn’t have much choice, when we turned to the referee for a decision and found him snoring. I would have won a couple of the races if I hadn’t wasted time laughing at the other dogs. A St Bernard might be lovely but they aren’t built for agility and there was a young puppy that reminded of me a few months ago, not yet being able to corner, he ran straight into a flower bed and got all tangled in some ivy. It’s a shame we can’t do it all again today to pass the time, but we caused too much damage yesterday and have been told we can’t do it again.