Sunday 25th June 2006

My master has been fixing one or two things that my mistress had broken. Well she claims some of them weren’t her but I have my doubts. Firstly there was a fridge magnet that the head had fallen off, as it turned out, for the second time. Then there was the spoon rest that my mistress dropped a bowl on, the bowl is past repair but the spoon rest has lived to tell the tale and then there was the magnet off the shopping list blackboard. It is a really nice board with chalk and then magnets made to look like vegetables. It was the garlic that had lost its magnet and as my master is very good at things like that my mistress had every confidence. However it turns out there is something called polarity, and one way round a magnet will hold to something and one way round it won’t. Guess which way my master glued it back together. Unfortunately the glue is a little bit strong, so the choice is use a hammer to get it off and then bin all the pieces, or stick it to the side of the blackboard in an ornamental sort of way!

Do dogs get a sun tan or sun burn? I was wondering whether if I lie in the sun my nose would change colour, it is really the only bit of me not covered in hair. It might just be that my hair will bleach and I will look as though I have had highlights put into my coat. I hope my white bits don’t change colour, I rather like them as they are. I guess I might get sun stroke if I stay in the sun too long, unless I can find a hat that fits. So far all the baseball hats I have tried on look silly on me. My mistress explained they look silly on most people and I should not be concerned by that. If I could only get some dark glasses to go with it then at least no one would recognise me.

I found a very big piece of wood just sitting in the garden. It is a piece of a tree trunk or something similar. It has a very satisfying chew to it. Well it was getting late and I had had enough of being outside, my master and mistress were busy so I didn’t think they would notice if I brought it into the lounge to carry on chewing it in the comfort of my own chair. Unfortunately my mistress seems to have developed the ability to spot what I am doing even when she is apparently doing something else and she stopped me right on the threshold of going in. She can be so mean.