Wednesday 21st June 2006

I think I have already mentioned Belgian roadworks, well yesterday they caused a huge problem for my poor mistress. Given that, she was all nervous about going for her dress fitting, I did my best to calm her down by letting her stroke me. She left early so that she would be there in plenty of time but then encountered the infamous Belgian roadworks quite near where she was trying to go. The diversion took her onto roads she didn’t know and where she couldn’t park and then just left her to it. There were no more signs. She ended up driving round in a complete circle and tried following the diversion in the opposite direction and…you’ve guessed it, ended up going round in a complete circle. So the third time round she chose a different route and stopped in some very odd places to look at her map. In the end she got as near as she could and dumped the car and walked. By this time the stress was getting a bit much and she was a quarter of an hour late instead of the half an hour early she had scheduled. She has to go back next week but is none the wiser as to where to go. I offered to drive her but she didn’t seem keen on that suggestion. Why do Belgian roadworks close off whole roads and then give you either half a diversion or a whole one but usually on the assumption you wanted to go somewhere completely different than the route you were on? It doesn’t make sense to me at all.

I didn’t go to youth club yesterday. I used the excuse that my mistress had left me shut in whilst she went out, but I don’t think Harry or Nicole really believed me. I think they know that now it will be moving it just doesn’t feel the same. It is as though once you know something is not going to be permanent, you flip a switch and just turn off from it. Apparently some of the deer were talking about calling round for me and one off the moles suggested coming and tunnelling into the house to get me out. Then he realised their tunnel under the gate had collapsed so said all things considered it would probably take longer than the time they had for youth club to come and get me. The deer said they were thinking in terms of coming up to the door and ringing the bell, which the mole conceded would be the easier approach. Harry gently told them to leave it and said he would come and talk to me, which he did. Maybe I am being a bit hasty, cutting yourself off from your friends isn’t the best approach, it is just that sometimes it feels easier than the hurt of thinking you are going to lose them.