Tuesday 20th June 2006

Well Harry has gone back to the Woodland Council with his decision on the best site for the Woodland Centre and it is definitely going to be in the far wood. I have got used to the idea to some extent. I can still go and visit, just not as often as I do at the moment and in any case sometimes it is time to move on. The summer holidays start here quite soon so I am hoping to have some children to play with some of the time, that will help me keep my mind off the woodland activities. It really is about time I worked out what I want to do for a living. I have enjoyed writing my diary so much that my mistress said why didn’t I have a go at writing a book. I don’t know if I could, but then you never do know until you try. Perhaps I could be the dog equivalent of J K Rowling and become famous. I could be interviewed on television and in all the best Sunday magazines, I would even let my mistress come along occasionally as long as she promised not to embarrass me. You don’t want to be in the middle of a photo shoot with someone telling you it’s time for ‘walkies’ now do you?

I have discovered that summer rain is much warmer than winter rain and somehow it is rather nice to be outside in it. It still goes right through my coat, but somehow it doesn’t seem to matter and I don’t end up feeling miserable. It also makes digging the garden up rather easier. I do find the ground can get very hard in the summer.

My mistress let me sleep in her room the other night as my master was away. I’m not sure he knows but I am guessing the dog hair might have been a bit of a giveaway. How was I supposed to know that the deal did not include sleeping in his place? Fine, so my mistress took my bed upstairs and told me that that was where I was to sleep but I thought she was only joking. So I waited for her to go to sleep then climbed in next to her. Strangely my wriggling into position along her spine with my head on her hip seemed to wake her and she made me get down and back into my own bed. Once she was asleep I tried again. Don’t some humans wake up easily! This time as she turned me out she threatened that if I did it again she would never let me sleep in there again. She seemed to mean it so I went back to my own bed, which somehow didn’t seem quite so comfortable anymore.