Tuesday 23rd May 2006

It seems to have rained solidly for several days now which is all very well but I don’t like standing on the wet grass to pee, it sort of puts me off. It also means my mistress is much less keen to come out and play frisby and just when I was getting to the point of nearly being able to catch it. Anyway, the upset stomach was short lived so I was able to go and see Harry hedgehog yesterday. He had put together a list of 42 animals who were claiming compensation which he supposed meant that somewhere close to half of the thefts he had committed were accounted for. He has agreed to visit each of them individually over the next few weeks to give them chance to discuss with him the impact that the theft had and for him to see how he can make amends. He is not sure whether any more animals will come forward. Some of them may have moved away and not be aware that he wants to put things right. He was off to see one of the deer later on yesterday so I suppose I will find out later how he got on.

In comparison my Monday afternoon was much less exciting and only involved a walk in the mud and some more of my mistress’s ridiculous notion that I should be trained. It is quite exciting in the woods seeing just how many branches have been blown down in the recent bad weather and trying to carry a few of them home. It is also interesting how the dried up streams are all wet again. I ran straight into one ditch that had been completely dry a few days ago and got quite a shock to find myself knee deep in water. On the training front when will my mistress get the message that if I don’t want to go onto wet grass to pee I am hardly going to want to sit or lie down on it when instructed? However she is trying to make it worth my while and has promised that if I am good she will start setting some things up in the garden as an agility course. She spoilt it a bit by telling me all about her dog from many years ago and how he won a rosette for agility. No pressure then! I now feel I have a lot to live up to and what if I’m not any good?

It will be the Youth Club again this afternoon which at least means I am in for an exciting Tuesday. I hope that we get a good number as I know how disappointed Harry will be if we don’t.