Monday 22nd May 2006

When I tried to call round to see Harry yesterday to ask how it was going, there was a little notice on the door saying ‘Sleeping, please call back on Monday’ so that is exactly what I am planning to do. It’s almost as bad as my master. I went to try and see him first thing and he was sleeping too. Saturday I got away with going to see him and being really good for a while. Then I spotted my opportunity. He rolled over and I immediately squeezed in to the nice warm space he had left behind. He was much too dozy to move me immediately. It was great.

It turned out that the car washing yesterday was more fun than I thought. It involves running and splashing in lots of water with little white bubbles everywhere. Then it moved on to chasing round with cloth in my mouth with my master coming after me to get it back. We should play this game more often.

Well I am not sure if my mistress is accident prone or just plain stupid. Of course she says it was my fault but how could I be to blame? Ok so I was the one that asked to borrow the brush that gets all the loose hairs off things it is not my fault that she keeps it in the top cupboard. Nor for that matter is it my fault that my coast is shedding everywhere. Now you are probably thinking that she fell off the chair or something getting it down but nothing so simple. She left the top cupboard door open whilst I was using it and the back door wide open. As we were going out she wanted to close the back door but as she did so it hit the cupboard door, bounced back and hit her on the forehead. I don’t know quite what her forehead was doing just there but it got hit rather hard as a result.

I have discovered the delights of an upset stomach. My mistress is not being sympathetic, she seems to think one of the many things I eat and drink when we are out is to blame. For some reason my mistress does not seem to think that eating horse dung and drinking from the putrid remains of water at the bottom of the ditch is a good thing but I’m a dog! Things like that come naturally. However I currently feel like it is the end of the world as I know it and if this doesn’t stop soon I may just have to conclude that maybe my mistress isn’t as stupid as she looks.