Thursday 18th May 2006

Tragedy has occurred. Rubber Rabbit the Second has fallen apart. There we were playing ‘fetch’, where on command I make my mistress throw an object repeatedly for me. One minute there was one rubber rabbit and the next minute there were three. Well a body and two separate legs if we are being strictly accurate about it but what are a few body parts between friends? So that is now 2 rubber rabbits that my mistress has managed to destroy. I really don’t know how she does it. What is she thinking of tugging the end she is holding when I clearly have it in my teeth? She really must learn to let go rather than break my toys. She seems to think I have some hormones kicking in as well. I don’t really understand what she is on about but she says it would explain why I suddenly feel the need to raise my leg and pee on every tree we walk past. It is a very odd change to find overnight you move from peeing for the sake of necessity to peeing for some deep seated urge to tell the world you are around. I also started running off in to fields along our walk just for the fun of it and my mistress doesn’t seem too thrilled about it. I just feel the call of the wild! My mistress has responded to this by trying to explain to me how she wants me to behave. Yeah right! Why in heavens name would I want to walk to heel when there are more exciting things to run after? However when she makes me stop and sit down every time I try and tug away the walk gets very frustrating so after a while you start thinking ‘ok then, if that’s the way it has to be’. For all the love and rewards I get along the way I suppose I can’t really complain. I just need to work out how I can get away with running into the muddy ditches when we are walking and whether it is only now possible if I drag my mistress with me. I wonder if she would enjoy it as much as I do?

I had a very disturbing evening. A pheasant moved into our garden. I was stuck on the inside and it was strutting up and down outside the window. All I could do was bark as it waved it’s tail feathers at me at every pass. In the end my mistress got up and closed the curtains to stop it upsetting me, I said I would rather go out and chase it but she didn’t seem to think that was the solution.