Tuesday 16th May 2006

My mistress has had the sense to do the jigsaw on the dining table this time so that I can’t reach to help, it really isn’t fair. I have tried jumping up to look at the picture but she keeps making me get down. The best I can hope for is waiting for the times she inevitably drops a bit and then dart off with it to the other side of the room to have a good look at it and see if I can work out what the picture is.

I found the Scrabble box. It was still under the coffee table. It was the English version which made it easier. The letters are all in a little bag that ties with string so I was able to pick it up with my mouth and take it down to hedgehog and squirrel. The first problem was to decide how long they would like their names to be. Both of them got very excited and whilst they animatedly discussed the advantages and disadvantage of long and short names I had plenty of time for a nap. I woke up when squirrel tapped my nose. “We’ve decided” she said. “I want one with 8 letters and hedgehog wants 6” I was wondering how they had arrived as this amazing conclusion but they were pushing me to pull out some letters. We got a stick and wrote the letters in the mud so that I could take the Scrabble bag back and we could take as long as we wanted working out some names. It turns out that squirrel’s name will be something from ‘M,E,W,O,D,C,N,E’ and hedgehog’s will be ‘O,L,H,HA,E’. I have an awful feeling this is not going to be easy! Perhaps we could make a game out of it later at the youth club.

I am really getting the hang of this top-down motoring. I sit and watch where we are going and wave to the little children when they wave to me. I am trying to persuade my mistress to get me some sunglasses so that I can look cool when we see other dogs. I could do with a little sunhat but maybe that wouldn’t look quite so cool. I wonder if I could get a doggy sized baseball cap?

I have discovered if I get all my squeaky toys together, at least those that my mistress has not put through the wash, and if I then squeeze them in my mouth one after another, I can make quite a good tune. It now seems a real shame that the squeak has gone from so many of my toys. I have also discovered that if I do the same one repeatedly I can be really annoying. Now let me think, which would I rather be – musical or annoying?