Monday 15th May 2006

I went round to tell hedgehog and squirrel all about seeing my family and found that they had been busy too. Hedgehog has invested in a table tennis table and a darts board and a little cd player that runs off batteries. Squirrel has agreed to run a tuck shop and I am in charge of the membership register. It is all very exciting. But their main topic of conversation still remains what they are to be called. Then I remembered the time that my master and mistress were playing a game called Scrabble and making words out of strings of letters. So I said why didn’t I try and borrow it and then if they could decide how long they wanted their names to be, we could draw out that many letters and then see what we could make out of them. They thought this was an excellent idea and wanted to start straight away but I said it would depend on how easily I could find the box of Scrabble as my mistress is very annoying and always puts things away and doesn’t always tell me where they are. I suppose I could ask but if my mistress asked why I wanted to borrow it I don’t think she would believe me if I told her. Perhaps I should ask the master and just tell him that I wanted to have a game with the purple worm!

At last it has stopped feeling like living in a tropical rainforest in the house. My mistress has had bronchitis and has been using a vaporiser to generate steam. Does she have no respect for the rest of us? I have been even more sleepy than usual and the windows have steamed up with lots of drops of water. On the bright side it has meant she has disturbed me less with her coughing. It has been fun watching the water droplets roll down the window and working out which will get to the bottom first. I had wondered about seeing if the jays wanted to take bets on it as I was getting quite an expert at working out what would happen after staring at them for a few hours. Annoyingly my mistress has resorted to doing a jigsaw so that she doesn’t move about too much and try as I might to persuade her otherwise she doesn’t seem over keen to run round throwing balls for me. I have got her trained to throw lots of toys for me to fetch and as long as I take them back to her I can keep the game going for quite a while. I have found the frisby more of a challenge than some of the toys, it is not as easy to get my teeth underneath to pick it up.