Monday 8th May 2006

Diary I really thought I had had enough excitement for one week. I lazed around all morning yesterday apart from nipping out of the back door every so often for essential business. It was not until the afternoon that I went out of the front to see if I was missing anything. Well as it turned out I was missing quite a lot. There was hedgehog looking all dishevelled with a little bag of his belongings. “I thought you were never going to open it” he said grumpily “I have been standing here for 4 hours.” “Oh hedgehog” I replied “I am so pleased you. I thought you had left us completely.” Well we wandered down the garden and I apologised and he said he understood and asked whether all the animals that came were really willing to give him a second chance and I showed him the big pile of leaves I had prepared for him and diary it was brilliant. It turned out when we went to find him yesterday he was already on his way to find us but he walks much more slowly than we do so it had taken him a day and a half to get here. He had waited until night time to cross the road to make sure it was not so busy and then walked through our wood on Saturday and arrived here yesterday morning. He couldn’t reach the doorbell so had just stood there waiting until I opened the door. He was starting to think he was going to be stood there all day. We found him some food and settled him into his new quarters and he put the letter I had written to him away safely and said it was now his most treasured possession. Then we went off to find squirrel to give her the good news. It was about 5pm when we came out of squirrel’s to go home and there outside were the other animals with a big banner saying ‘welcome home’ and they all shouted surprise and began a party to celebrate. Well hedgehog was overwhelmed by his complete change in fortunes and gave a little speech to thank them all and say he promised that they would not be disappointed and he was going to devote his life to making up for the bad things he had done. As we walked home later hedgehog was in a reflective mood and said he thought he might just have an idea. He wouldn’t tell me what it was he said he wanted to sleep on it and maybe he would share the whole thing with me in the morning. What an exciting year this is turning out to be, how many puppies have such an exciting time before they are even 6 months old. Have I told you yet that for my 6 month anniversary I am going to get to see all my brothers and sisters and my mum. I am so excited about that too. Only a few days to go.