Sunday 7th May 2006

Well when I arranged to go back to see hedgehog I didn’t know that my mistress had made other plans for me for yesterday. It wasn’t as though it was something I didn’t want to do and I could have pretended to be ill so that she would have left me at home. It was a trip out for the day which is always fun. Fortunately we didn’t need to go out until just before lunch so I ran to find squirrel and rabbit in the morning and we set off for the other wood. As we knew where to find hedgehog it didn’t take us very long, except for crossing the main road which seemed to be even busier than normal. When we got to the spot by the cedar tree the notice had gone and there was no sign of hedgehog anywhere. I wanted to start looking for him again but squirrel very gently pointed out that the letter had gone and maybe now we just needed to leave him alone and let it be his decision what he did. I knew she was right so I rushed home again to make sure I was ready to go out. My mistress has got a friend staying so there are more people to spoil me and make a fuss and I get someone to sit next to in the car which I much prefer, except of course when I get to go open top in my mistress’s car which has only got 2 seats so I get to sit in the front and offer advice on the driving and wave a paw at people we pass. It was a really good day. I got to sniff lots of new lampposts and go to a restaurant and show just how well behaved I can be when it suits me. The only thing I didn’t like was that some of the pavements were cobbled and that was a bit uncomfortable on my paws. By the time we got home I was worn out, what with all the excitement of the last few days and the worrying about hedgehog. It had been good to meet some different dogs on our day out and I did get far enough away from my mistress on my lead to sniff one or two unsuspecting passers by. But I think looking back the best bit of the week has definitely making some new friends and getting the woodland animals to realise that hedgehog deserves to be given a second chance. I wonder where hedgehog is. I would like to go and look for him again today but I know squirrel is right so I am planning a lazy day being pampered by anyone who is daft enough to spoil a puppy with big brown eyes!