Saturday 22nd April 2006

I am one happy spoilt dog. I have a new rubber rabbit. Ever since my mistress gave it to me I have done nothing but squeak it. Oh the sheer joy and pleasure. I wonder if it will last any longer than the last one. Rabbits really aren’t built to last! On the downside she also brought me a harness. Larger collar I said, but no she wanted it to match my lead and they didn’t have any collars. Which bit of ‘I don’t want that thing round my body’ do you think she didn’t understand? To be fair it is quite comfortable but I just didn’t see myself wearing something like that. I think she has got a bit too familiar with the notion of my being a cart dog. I am expecting her to hook a skateboard up behind me any time soon so that she doesn’t have to put quite so much effort into walking me.

Well it’s picnic day today, so I will have to drag myself away from squeaking rubber rabbit for a while. I am so excited to be going out for the afternoon with squirrel. I have been getting all the food ready and packing it in the hamper before I go off to see hedgehog. I did wonder about loading the hamper onto the skate board but if my mistress saw me it would only give her ideas. I have watched my mistress making my master’s sandwiches so I had a fair idea what to do and it is amazing what you can find in the kitchen cupboards if you have a good rummage. I have made a bit of a mess in the kitchen but I am sure my mistress won’t mind clearing all that up, after all she clears up after everyone else so why not me? I have given the yoghurts and bananas a miss they didn’t seem exciting and I am just hoping that my master doesn’t miss the bag of Twiglets I have taken. There is a bar of marzipan for pudding and all different types of sandwiches. I had some difficulty using the knife to spread the butter so resorted to using my paw in the end. It doesn’t give such an even spread but I am sure squirrel will understand. Squirrel did say she would bring a few things too but as she is only tiny I don’t suppose she will be able to carry very much. I can’t help but think I have packed more food than we can possibly need for one afternoon. Well I had better set off to see hedgehog otherwise I will be late meeting squirrel and it would be just awful if she thought I wasn’t coming and didn’t wait for me.