Friday 21st April 2006

Well I am counting down to next week’s Forest Council Meeting. I have been trying to find out which animals are on the council but considering they are an elected body there seems to be precious little information as to who they are. It seems that the Police Badger attends but isn’t actually a member and the same with the security Buzzard. The moles tend to operate through an underground movement and won’t sit on formal governing bodies. So far I have found a deer that represents the middle bit of the wood but he is only one of 3 representatives of that constituency. There also seems to be a woodpecker that sits on it from somewhere close to here. The woodpecker comes and eats from our bird table quite a lot so I may be able to have a word with him. It’s times like this I wish I didn’t have a burning urge to chase birds every time I see them. They have learnt not to stick around when they see me, but it really is such fun. I asked if I would be eligible to stand for the council but they said they didn’t have any precedent for a domestic animal being voted in and they would have to put it to the council to find if it was in the rules or not. I suppose strictly speaking I don’t live in the wood, but if I get the go ahead with the den perhaps I could claim that was my main residence and then I could stand.

I have had about as much wedding preparation as I can take. I am seriously thinking of moving out for the next three months. There I am trying to have a nap and there they are trying out lots of tracks of music on the cd and going all mushy. There is only so much a dog should have to put up with. My master didn’t seem to think my mistress was taking it very seriously when she started putting on a Bay City Rollers track. He threatened if she wanted to walk down the aisle to that he wouldn’t be the one waiting at the front of the church for her. Shame really I preferred that to most of what they were putting on. If that wasn’t enough I then had to put up with listening to my master singing along to Elvis whilst doing the ironing. There was nothing else for it, I shut myself in my room and refused to come out until they had finished. Even with my paws well and truly over my ears I could still hear him singing. I just can’t wait to get the go ahead with my den building plan.