Monday 10th April 2006

Well the children have arrived so my time will not be my own for a few days. It is great to see James again. I bounced all over him and seemed a little surprised at how much bigger I have got, surprisingly he is still roughly the same size.

I talked to squirrel about how you check out the identity of a hedgehog. She suggested that I should ask around a few of the trusted woodland animals to see if any of them have relatives in the wood concerned that might be able to help. If I can find any contacts all I then need to do is get my mistress to take me for a walk in the wood in question. Normally I would not hold out much hope of doing that but as the children are staying this week she is looking for different places to take us all out to. If I can just get the ‘Days Out’ brochure and leave it open at the page for the right place maybe she will think that is where the children want to go. The first problem I can see with the plan, quite apart from the fact that I may have difficulty getting my mistress to understand what she is supposed to do, is that why would the good upright animals of the wood help hedgehog prevent an impostor from trying to get close to him to get his hands on money that was stolen from the Woodland Bank. Ok so this is not money that can be directly traced to the bank and whether that is it’s origin only hedgehog actually knows but I can’t see it helping our cause. I was wondering whether I should try a different approach and not mention that hedgehog has had a letter. Maybe if they thought we were trying to trace some relatives of hedgehog to give him a home when he comes out of prison and help him to ‘go straight’ it might get a better response.

I still can’t work out what to make of the sight outside the master and mistress’s bedroom window when I jumped on the bed last Wednesday. In the garden of the neighbouring property, which finishes with a sort of wood at the bottom of the garden there were 3 men seeming to be looking for something and a nun. I am not actually sure whether it was a real nun or a man dressed as a nun but either way it was a very odd sight. I am not sure if it would be more odd if it was a real nun or a man dressed up but try as I might I really can’t think what on earth they were doing. It is times like this you find your mind thinking of the strangest explanations it can, I just hope none of the ones I thought of were right!