Sunday 9th April 2006

Well what a difference it is visiting hedgehog without squirrel. The weasels are not nearly so nice to me when squirrel isn’t there and hedgehog was in his usual scruffy prison outfit. It turns out that hedgehog has received a letter this week from a cousin he didn’t know he had. This cousin claims to be a relative on his father’s side and says he has been trying to trace hedgehog for sometime. Hedgehog doesn’t know whether to be excited at discovering a relative after all this time or whether to be sceptical and think it is really just an animal trying to get his paws on some money. Hedgehog had had the idea that if I really wanted to be a secret agent maybe I could do some investigating and see if I could find out anything about this supposed cousin. He showed me the letter which had been postmarked by the magpies so was clearly posted here in Belgium. It has a return address but it is a nest-box number in wood some way from here. How do you go about investigating the identity of a hedgehog? It’s easy with dog’s, I have both a tattoo and a microchip but a hedgehog doesn’t have any of these and Hedgehog knows so little about his father that we don’t even know of anyone we can ask. I said I would think about it and so that is exactly what I am doing, thinking. I have scratched my head and a few other places but all to no avail. I wonder if squirrel would have any idea but I can’t go and see her until later when her visitors have gone.

I think it is brilliant. On a Sunday the human supermarket is closed but the one for my food is open. I have been very disappointed that they have been out of stock of the coconut shells I buy for the birds. They are filled with fat and seeds and the birds love them. They were threatening to go on strike and stop visiting the garden if I couldn’t get any more. I have tried but to no avail. I really can’t imagine they will carry out their threat they do still get lots of other food. My supermarket also seems to sell a very good range of plants for me to nibble and lots of power tools that the master seems to think are very exciting. At times like this I really don’t think I understand people at all. Why would you get excited about something you plug into the electricity that makes a hole? I can do that with my paws and as for the idea of a lawn mower, by the time I have peed everywhere we really won’t need one.