Tuesday 14th March 2006

This week is very exciting I have got a playmate for the whole week. One of my master’s son’s is staying and hasn’t got to go to school this week. It is amazing, I am allowed to sleep upstairs in his bedroom and he can play with me all day. He is opening a savings account because he has the same problem of spending all his pocket money that I do. Perhaps I should have one at the same place. It isn’t fair you can only get a cash card when you are 10 years old, I really want one now so that I can get my money out when I need it. It is a long way from here to get to the town and there aren’t any bank branches in the forest, there’s a few tree branches but I don’t think they give out money. It was fun having a new playmate to go for a walk with, but he doesn’t seem very keen when I try and roll him over in the mud, I really can’t understand what the problem is.

James (my playmate) has found a really good programme for me on the computer. It means I can type a sentence and the computer reads it out. Now for all the humans that don’t believe I can talk and don’t seem to understand what I am saying I can get the computer to say it for me. I just need to find a little computer with built in speakers that I can strap to my collar and take everywhere with me. That will make them all jump when I want to join in the conversation.

I saw police badger when I was out for my walk today so I asked if Hedgehog is allowed to have visitors. Apparently the prison is right in the middle in the darkest part of the wood and he is only allowed visitors once a week. If he wants a visitor I have to apply for a special permit from the police badger but I need hedgehog to say he wants me to visit first. I guess the only thing I can do is write to badger and see if he would like me to visit.

An invitation arrived in the post box yesterday to go to the Mayor’s ball where we live. I was thinking how lovely it would be to take squirrel and how beautiful she would look in a ball gown. The first problem I would have is where I hire a dog sized dinner jacket from and the second problem would be having the courage to ask squirrel. Unfortunately my mistress has said that she and the master cannot go so I don’t really know how we would get there either but I suppose given I haven’t got any pocket money left I would also have difficulty buying the tickets.