Monday 13th March 2006

I am now a little confused. My mistress and master completed the murder mystery jigsaw but had no more idea what the solution was when they could see the picture than they had at the start. Fortunately the bit I had ‘rearranged’ did not make any overall difference to what detail you could see, at least not as far as I could tell. Quite apart from how they were supposed to get the solution from the picture, what confused me was why would you carefully put a thousand little pieces together to make a picture and then as soon as you finished it break it all up again and put it back in the box? Humans do some funny things.

I am 4 months old and it seems that I look more like a dog than a puppy now. Fewer people stop and say ‘Isn’t he lovely’ when we are out walking, though of course I am! I have even noticed I look a bit different now too. The fact that I can notice is a bit of a give away as it means I am now tall enough to see myself in the hall mirror. It was a bit of a shock at first but now I have got used to it I stop and admire myself each time I go by, just checking that I look my best in case squirrel should call round unannounced and because the mistress rarely gives me much advance notice of when we are going out. I barely get time to get my collar before I am whisked out of the door, on the plus side she rarely keeps me waiting on the odd occasions that I am ready first although that is usually because she hasn’t bothered to take my collar off from earlier.

I have been thinking about Hedgehog since talking to squirrel yesterday. I really find it hard to believe that such a lovely looking animal can be a criminal. I was wondering if I could go and visit him. The first problem is that I don’t know where the woodland prison is. I certainly don’t want to tell my mistress where I am going, as I don’t think she would be too pleased about it. Squirrel said that hedgehog had been found guilty of money laundering but I cannot understand how accidentally leaving your money in your pocket when you put it in the washing machine can be a crime, if it was we would all be in prison! I would have thought I should feel sorry for him if he lost some money as a result of doing the laundry. Perhaps there is something they aren’t telling me. That is always one of the problems when you are little, adults only tell you some parts of a story, they seem to think you aren’t old enough to understand or to deal with it. I would have thought squirrel would have told me though.