Tuesday 28th February 2006

What is it with my mistress? Hasn’t she got enough toys of her own? My granny has bought me a Miffy colouring book. It’s brilliant. It has lots of different pictures of Miffy that I can chew. I would colour them in, but the book didn’t come with any crayons. I pulled a few things off my mistress’s desk to get the ones I could see on the top of a big pile of things but I am having some difficulty getting my paws round them. For a start I can’t work out whether I am right or left pawed, but even then, short of actually taping the crayon to my paw I’m not sure what to do. I did briefly try with my mouth, but at this point I had to conclude that crayons don’t taste awfully nice. Anyway, rather than being in trouble for pulling the crayons off the desk, I found my mistress happily sitting down using them to colour in my book. How is a puppy expected to enjoy chewing a picture of Miffy when it tastes of crayon?

I have noticed something very strange with humans. The minute one of them suggests they have an item that is broken and won’t work there is always another one eager to take it apart and see if they can fix it. It doesn’t matter how little they know about the item in question, or how unqualified they are to deal with the situation, they are always convinced they can do it. To be fair to my mistress’s sister it did turn out to be the case and she did have a thoroughly enjoyable time taking the entire vacuum cleaner apart, and I really do mean the ‘entire’ cleaner! There she was painstakingly dismantling it piece by piece. Just enough force to separate the parts and not break them, totally ignoring the advice from every other adult, all of whom thought they knew what to do and all wanted to take over if she had failed. Well I was convinced that she wouldn’t be able to work out where all the parts went or how they fitted back together, but to my and everyone else’s amazement not only did she rebuild it but it worked. She had no idea why it worked, but in her moment of glory that was actually irrelevant, by this time all the other broken gadgets were being lined up ready for her attention. We all suspected that the long piece of coiled metal she removed at the start of the process may have been the culprit, but she took the rest of the cleaner apart before testing it, just for good measure! Aah happy days. I use the same philosophy in chewing everything apart, but in my case they never seem to go back together.