Tuesday 21st February 2006

I have been thinking about the trip to see my mum and I really wish I could go and see my dad too, but he lives a very long way away and I am not sure my mistress would take me that far yet. I would make my way on my own but I don’t think I would be allowed to. I have been looking at what I have to do to catch the train and it seems I can travel on a child’s ticket, which you would expect as I am only 14 weeks old, but the problem is I seem to need an accompanying adult. There isn’t a station near here either so I may be better to look into the bus routes. I wonder what Switzerland is like at this time of year, I am not sure how much I would like the snow; I am really not keen on rain.

It is only now I am a bit more familiar with the world that I have realised that ‘rubber chicken’ is in fact a rabbit. Not one of the giant rabbits, in fact not much like a rabbit at all when you think about it but he is none the less a one legged rabbit. Ok, so the mistress couldn’t fix him and now I’ve chewed his leg off completely. Well more half his body and his leg if I am being honest, so I can understand why she may be refusing to try and put him together again. I had almost managed to get the corner off the cushion to get the filling out but the mistress has sewn that up again. Just to reassure you it is my cushion I’m talking about I haven’t started on the house cushions, yet! I have sort of nibbled a piece of her jigsaw though. She may not have realised yet but when there is a bit of the picture missing at the end I’m sure she is going to realise it was me.

It has been raining an awful lot again this week so I am hoping that my mistress has the sense not to try and take me to my puppy class tomorrow. If nothing else I don’t think her training shoes have recovered from last week’s mud yet. My sister was telling me about her training, she said she wouldn’t do as she was told simply because she wasn’t having a human lay down the law to her. If she wants to sit she will sit, but why do it because someone else wants you to do it. I do admire her free spirit but I like all the fuss I get when I do what I’m asked, I’m quite a simple soul at heart and when I’m bribed with ginger biscuits who can blame me?