Monday 20th February 2006

Well what an exciting day yesterday turned out to be. After my walk, which was exciting enough in itself, as a surprise my mistress and master took me to see my mum and sister. I haven’t seen them for four weeks and it was all very exciting. I spent some time with my mum where she briefly checked I was ok. We had all the usual “Haven’t you grown!” and “Are they looking after you properly? Are you eating enough? Are you behaving as I taught you?” all the usual stuff. Then she proved she could still outrun me by chasing round the garden. When I say chasing round I mean chasing round and round and round and round! I got quite dizzy at one point. I really need to practice cornering, every so often I am going so fast in a straight line that when I start to turn my head goes round the corner but the rest of my body carries on in a full skid in the direction I was going, on the plus side it is quite fun! We played fetch but my mum got there first every time and I didn’t have the chance to show how good at it I am. Then my sister Esther came out. Wow is she scary? She wanted me to be quite clear that she was top dog and that I should know my place. I am happy to roll over for anyone, I don’t need to be the boss I seem to get much more fuss by pretending to be all soft and cuddly. Anyway Esther jumped on me and growled at me and held her tail in the air, I think she liked me really, my mistress said that brothers and sisters are often like that. We chased round for ages. I only went in the pond once, just one paw fortunately but Esther rolled me over in some water as well so I got thoroughly soaked, it was fantastic. Apparently I am not supposed to drink from the pond, nobody actually explained why it s all just water to me, now I walk off the lead I am finding puddles taste quite nice too.

Well apart from that I don’t think my mistress was very impressed that both the master and I spent most of the weekend asleep in front of the fire. Why go out when I’ve got a house that needs to be lived in and a television that needs to be watched? They were actually the master’s words rather than mine, but I thought it summed it up quite well.) We did go for a lovely long walk and I was allowed off my lead for the first time, the mistress was quite nervous about it but where exactly does she think I am going to go? I know which side my bread’s buttered! It’s the same with the master really, if he went off very far he’d come back when he got hungry. Sometimes I really don’t think women understand men at all.