Monday 13th February 2006

32! “32 what?” you might ask. Well go on then ask. And what would I reply? Well the answer to that would be mole hills! 32 mole hills, one of which is now 2 feet from the back garden gate. I don’t mean to sound alarmist but I really don’t think it is going to be long before they start their attack.

I haven’t been feeling at all well today. I think it may be from eating all the acorns yesterday. Right now I’m at that ‘I’m never going to have another acorn again in my life’ until the next time, sort of phase. The thought of food makes me feel quite queasy.

Well diary I am now 3 months old and my owner says this one is a special occasion. It still seems however that cake is not on the menu, which given how I am feeling is probably a good job. As a special ‘treat’ I get to visit the Vet tonight to get my rabies jab. Am I missing something here? I thought you got nice things on birthdays. Apparently it also means I am old enough to start ‘puppy training classes’, I’m not sure if that is good or bad. On the upside I get to meet lots more kids my own age, on the downside I have to learn to do as I’m told. Yeah right! I am told it is all part of growing up, but from what I can see growing up is a bit on the boring side. I met a lovely dog called Mackenzie, well when I say dog, I really mean bitch. She is lovely. When I met her I asked her very nicely to play, but she is 6 years old and didn’t seem to notice me. So I barked at her and she still took no notice, so I barked some more and she still didn’t show she wanted to play with me. Well what does a puppy do in circumstances like that? So I barked and barked and barked, and then I barked some more, and some more. Well even then she ignored me, why don’t adults play? My mistress says that when she went to New York it was really funny because in Central Park it seemed to be all the adults playing and all the children sitting and watching. Now diary, I am not saying I want it like that either. I was thinking more along the lines of everyone playing. I will keep trying and in the meantime I still think Mackenzie is quite lovely.