Tuesday 7th February 2006

Spring is in the air, the temperature is a heady 8 degrees and I’m a puppy full of bounce. I bounced all the way through the mud on the path and then bounced the mud all the way home. I couldn’t have done that good a job of bringing the mud back though as I got two biscuits today. Now the ground has thawed out a bit I think I stand a real chance of being a successful sniffer dog. There are so many new smells to sniff and wallow in. I can now sniff out astilbe as well as acorns, admittedly the astilbe is not that difficult as it is right outside the back door, or rather ‘was’ right outside the back door. It’s sort of inside the back door now! Unfortunately I think to be a proper sniffer dog I need to deal with either drugs or explosives. The only drugs I have found to practice on at the moment are coffee, which seems to be available in plentiful amounts and alcohol, which thinking about it, also seems to be available in plentiful amounts! The master says the Belgian beer is very good but he refuses to let me try it. I’m struggling a bit more when you come to the explosives category. It isn’t the sort of thing that people leave lying around, thankfully. If I am going to get some practice in do you think curry powder would count as an explosive?

When my owners moved in to their house there were moles living in the garden. As part of the move the moles were asked to leave but only went after leaving seventeen mole hills in the garden in protest. Now I’m not sure if I should say something but I think we are heading for trouble. As I went out of the back gate earlier I noticed some fresh dug mole hills just over the other side of the fence. Well I kept my ear to the ground (it was a bit difficult walking alternating between trying to be a sniffer dog and having my ear to the ground) and the word on the street, or forest depending on how you look at it, is that those have been dug by the moles’ army advance party coming to check things out. Rumour has it that the massed ranks of moles are due to be gathering in a bid to regain their territory. I’m not sure whether to tell my owners or just sit back and enjoy watching the frustration as the mole hills start to mount up.