Tuesday 12th April 2016 – A Real Spring Day

Teaching Wilma bad habits

Yesterday was a real spring day and we all enjoyed more time outside in the garden. Over the weekend I’d had a couple of lovely walks, one of which I insisted on doing at a run, much to our Mistress’s surprise – not least because she had a job to keep up! She said in all my years that’s the first time I’ve wanted to run everywhere since I was a puppy and to be fair I didn’t tend to run everywhere then either. I don’t know what came over me. I think it was a scent that I’d picked up. I tried to find it again yesterday, but sadly that was not to be so I made do with a short walk and came home to give Wilma a good sniff instead.

Wilma had a very quiet day yesterday. She says all the hormonal stuff has really tired her out and she needs to put her paws up. Our Mistress said she had better not be thinking about a phantom pregnancy as that was all we needed. She didn’t say that to Wilma as she didn’t want to go giving her ideas. Her aunt Megan had one once and was quite convinced she was pregnant. The sad thing on that occasion was that she was supposed to be, so we were all quite sad with her when we found she wasn’t, but in the meantime she’d got away with an awful lot of pampering!

Shadow is really sad as Andy has gone back to his mum’s so she is missing her constant companion. While he’s here she sleeps in his room and spends all day sitting by his side. She howled last night because she was missing him. It’s a good job she’s going off on her holidays later this week as it will help to take her mind off things.

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