Friday 8th April 2016 – Wilma will not be contained

Alfie and his new puppy Wilma

There are times, for our own good, that our Mistress has to ask us to stay in a particular room. Sometimes it is because she wants to quickly run an errand without our help, other times it is because she is moving a car or carrying something heavy for example. We all get it. None of us likes to be excluded, but we play by the rules… except Wilma. There is a gate at the top of the stairs by the office. It is there because there is no door to the office. Although Wilma has a crate, our Mistress decided she was now responsible enough to be asked to wait with me with the gate closed. She was wrong! I may have told you before that Wilma can move a little like a springbok and can generate a significant amount of upward motion without any effort at all. Well, one minute she was my side of the gate and the next minute she wasn’t and I’d barely seen her move in between.

Aristotle's latest selfie! (I worry about that dog)
Aristotle’s latest selfie! (I worry about that dog)

You would think that was enough in the way of escape skills for one dog, but you’d be wrong. Because of the stage of Wilma’s season she will not leave Aristotle alone and it’s driving him crackers. To give him a bit of freedom our Mistress put Wilma into a crate in the other room for an hour and closed the door to the room too. We all heard some odd noises, but nothing too much. However, when our Mistress went to bring her out she was not in her crate but sitting behind the door waiting. Our Mistress assumed that the side of the crate had not been properly clipped so she did a test. She did the crate up securely and while later put Wilma back in. Five minutes! That was all it took for Wilma to undo the side of the crate again to let herself out. She knew exactly what she was doing and could not let herself out of any fold down crate that we own – unless our Mistress binds it together with something Wilma proof. If she and Aristotle ever put their heads together to devise a plan, there would be absolutely no stopping them. I think Wilma’s training is our Mistress’s futile attempt to harness her brainpower for good before she comes up with her own schemes!

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