Thursday 24th March 2016 – Wilma and the IRS

Our Mistress has to send a tax return to the IRS in America for our business. She seems to think they are a pretty scary organisation and is quite convinced that one day when she’s trying to visit America she is going to be arrested on entry for getting it wrong. Now please don’t misunderstand, there really is not much money involved, but I think that’s what worries our Mistress, I think she is of they opinion they might think there should be more. Anyway, she does her best to get it right and puts a little note politely explaining that she hasn’t got the faintest idea what some of it means. Anyway, this year Wilma has tried to help. Our Mistress filled it all in and put it on the envelope on the side in the kitchen ready to post. Wilma went to find it and added her muddy pawprint. You can pretty much guess how the conversation went after that.

Our Mistress, “Wilma!”

Wilma, bouncing up, “Yes, Mum?”

“What’s this?”

“It’s my stamp of approval. I was simply showing I’d seen it and as far as I could see it was correct. I thought given how little you know that it might reassure them.”

Now to be fair, Wilma probably has got as much idea, but that didn’t stop our Mistress speaking nicely to the Post Office to see if they could stick the postage sticker and the air mail sticker over the pawprints. Wilma was very disappointed that her contribution was not taken more seriously.

Wilma and Ari playing
Wilma and Ari playing

In many things Wilma has got our Mistress trained very well. She has now moved her bed into our Master and Mistress’s bedroom which I’m not too sure I’m pleased about as she gets to be right by our Mistress and I’m at the foot of the bed. I can see why our Mistress thought it was a good idea as she got to stay in bed a little longer. She might have got a full night’s sleep if I hadn’t insisted on getting up at 5.45. I was hungry, you know how it is. Even then our Mistress refused to feed me. She has this crazy idea that if she insists on waiting until 7am then I will get the hang of it… yeah right!

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