Monday 21st March 2016 – What a Fun Day

Yesterday was my first ever Entlebucher Fun Day and what a day it was. It started off pretty well sleeping on Mum and Dad’s bed overnight. Dad complained, but Mum stuck up for me. He says she’s too soft with us, but I’m sure he must be wrong. Anyway, we had quite a long car journey first, but Shadow told me stories to keep me amused and it wasn’t too bad. We got there just before midday and I had to help get everything ready. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to have an annual general meeting for the Club with fifteen dogs trying to help. Of course, we all wanted to have our say about our Club but it was hard to get the humans to listen to us. They seemed to think it should have been the humans doing all the talking. I can’t think why.

Once the boring bit was out of the way we started to have lots of games. Biscuit catch was

Ellie (Cosette), Della, Cinders, Shadow, Dixie and Basil (Beethoven)
Ellie (Cosette), Della, Cinders, Shadow, Dixie and Basil (Beethoven)

completely wasted on me. I’ve not learnt to catch anything yet. I did better at some of the other games, but I didn’t win any. I think the best bit was having a mad run round with all the other dogs. It was utterly awesome. Shadow had a great time too, right up to the point she tore her dew claw and then she had to sit out and was feeling rather fed up and uncomfortable. She will need to go to the vet today to have it sorted out. We got doggy cup cakes too and they were pretty cool. Shadow ate something that didn’t totally agree with her and she’s had wind ever since, which made sitting next to her less pleasant on the way home. She said the best bit was seeing five of her children. Here is a photo of her with them.

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