Monday 7th March 2016 – Getting Excited

It’s Wilma here and I’m getting so excited about the week ahead. Alfie will write the diary tomorrow and Wednesday, as long as he feels well enough, and then I shall be taking over from Thursday to bring you all news of my travels to Crufts. Our Mistress says we can go round all the areas together so I can see what’s happening. I want to choose the pastimes I shall follow when I’m older. I think I might like to try agility, but our Mistress has a crazy idea that we might do more obedience together. I will be representing the breed on Thursday morning and Friday afternoon and then again on Saturday lunchtime, so if you want to come and meet me then head for the Discover Dogs area in Hall 3 stand W11. At other times you’re likely to see me carrying my little red rucksack round and asking lots of questions.

Saturday will be extra special as we’ll be supporting Basil (Torfheide Beethoven), Dickens (Torfheide Bumble at Dolliesgang) and Addie (Torfheide Adrienne) as they step into the show ring in the Import Register Working Group classes. It will be so exciting to see how it’s supposed to be done. I’ve been told I have to learn so that I get it right if I’m there next year, which I hope I will be.

Alfie didn’t want to walk again yesterday, but thankfully he was feeling well enough for a game of tug with me when we got home. You wouldn’t believe how many tablets he’s having to take at the moment. I think even he is finding it hard to remember the right ones at the right time. He has them wrapped in a little Belgian marzipan but we are running out so our Mistress needs to try to get some more for him. It’s got much more almond and less sugar than English marzipan and we love it.

Crufts is from March  10th to  13th at the NEC near Birmingham and adult tickets  cost from £16.20 for Thursday and Friday to £18.36 on Saturday and Sunday. You can buy tickets HERE.

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  1. Hi Wilma. Have a lovely time at Crufts. Look forward to hearing all about it. Hope Alfie is feeling better today and you all have a tail waggy woofy day. xx

    • Thank you. He’s not too bad. He did go for a little walk. I made up for it though and enjoyed myself.

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