Saturday 20th February 2016 – Last Day to Enter the Competition

Today is your last day to enter our competition to win free tickets to Crufts. You can find all the details HERE. Wilma will be announcing the winners on Monday and if things go to plan we are going to video her making the final winning selections for you to see. We will have to narrow it down to a short list first as the way she is going to do it can’t be done between a large number, but if things work out she will be choosing the winners herself.

Shadow and her prize
Shadow and her prize

There is a lot of excitement this end too as Shadow and Alfie’s prize has arrived from Arden Grange this week and they are now arguing about who is going to be trying which food. Very sensibly the lovely people at Arden Grange have included different ones for each of us to try and we’ve promised to tell you what we think of each of them.

To be fair, we have a whole weekend of excitement going on here. Alfie and for that matter the rest of us, will be talking to the dog behaviourist this morning about his anxiety. It is possible, that we might have found some of the problem yesterday when he went for his three monthly blood test. Our Mistress while comforting him in the waiting room found another lump on his neck and our Vet thinks it might be his thyroid gland so is testing that as well. She says thyroid problems can cause anxiety and our Mistress knows from experience they can cause tiredness and lethargy so it would certainly help to explain things if that’s a problem. Our Mistress says she still thinks the behaviourist will be useful to us, even if he has a poorly thyroid, so we shall see.

Wilma’s excited as she has another play date today. She is seeing Bernie the Entlebucher who is the same age as she is and who lives quite close. She is going to try to help him with some of his training like recall, but she says she’s planning a good play first. I’m not sure what I’ve got planned. It can be a problem being a middle child. You get left out sometimes.

Have a happy Saturday


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