Tuesday 16th February 2016 – It’s a pup’s life

Wilma seems to get more play dates than The Mousetrap – of course if you aren’t in England you may not know that’s the longest running play in this country. Anyway, yesterday she got to meet Lia for the first time. More to the point our Mistress met Lia for the first time it was the first time Wilma had met any of Annie, Billy and Lia. Billy is a

Annie(front), Lia (middle) and Wilma (back)
Annie(front), Lia (middle) and Wilma (back)

terrier, but Annie and Lia are Entlebuchers like us too. Annie is about five years old and a bit bossy, but little Lia is still under five months and very cute. Actually, like Wilma she will probably be a big girl and I don’t think Annie is that impressed. She had a good bark at Wilma, who simply barked back. Wilma enjoyed playing with Lia and they all got VERY muddy. I had forgotten to tell you that our Mistress measured Wilma again last weekend and she now seems to be about 45cms to the shoulder, give or take the odd wriggle.

It was a very cold start to the day yesterday and as our Mistress had to take her car in to a garage on the edge of the village she took Shadow along so they could walk back together. It was not as easy as it sounds. The road has no pavement and as it was one sheet of ice walking wasn’t easy and when a car went by they didn’t want to be anywhere near in case it lost control. Our Mistress came home saying how much she wished she had four-paw drive as well as us! Thankfully it had thawed by the time we went out later, but I didn’t want to walk again. Our Mistress has concluded the tablets she is giving me instead of Joint Care can’t be as good so is getting more of the Pedigree Joint Care bars today to see if I will improve being back on them. I really hope I do as I’m feeling very achy and miserable at the moment.

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