Sunday 14th February 2016 – Amazing Kennels

Every so often we can’t stay home alone and have to spend a day or two at our local kennels, Derrings. When we were there last week, it was the first time that Wilma has had

Alfie, Wilma, Aristotle and Shadow
Alfie, Wilma, Aristotle and Shadow

to stay overnight, but she liked it, so that was ok. They actually managed to take a lovely photo of all four of us together. Our Mistress was thrilled as she has not yet managed to get the four of us to pose nicely in one place. They post some lovely photos so do give them a ‘like’ on Facebook HERE. I can completely recommend staying there too, we really like it and have a great time.

I should perhaps have started by wishing a happy Valentine’s Day to all my girlfriends. Alfie is upset because he has forgotten to send Bella a card. I said he should relax and not limit himself to just the one, but he says he’s an old-fashioned sort of a dog and there really is only one girl for him. I think it’s sweet, but a complete waste of time, particular when we can’t even have puppies! He’s actually a walking, or more to the point hobbling, advert for Pedigree Jointcare bars at the moment. Our usual supermarket has stopped stocking them so we’ve run out. We ran out on Tuesday and already Alfie is complaining of more discomfort and doesn’t want to go for walks. Our Mistress has something new to try for us, but having seen the effect on Alfie I think she will be finding a new supplier of the bars we like very quickly. Sometimes you have to stop taking something for a while to remind yourself just how much good it’s doing you. I wonder whether that is why my behaviour has been worse again this week. Our Mistress had just put it down to me being an annoying dog, but I might try suggesting it’s because of something she hasn’t bought for me. I wonder if I can get away with it.

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    • Thank you. I’m the only one really looking at the camera. I think I rather like having my photo taken. Have a woofly day.

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