Sunday 27th December 2015 – Squeaking

Wilma and her squeaky toys
Wilma and her squeaky toys

Wilma has got the hang of making her toys squeak. Her reindeer has been squeaking repeatedly for the last five minutes and is driving us all nuts. She just get the bit with the squeaker in her mouth and then repeatedly squeaks. She did put it down for a minute, but only so she could go and pick up another squeaky toy from the other side of the room… and repeat! They all squeak at different pitches. It’s odd, when I was a puppy I thought it was fun to try to make a tune. Now I realise I was an annoying puppy and must have been driving everyone mad. I even agreed to a game of tug with her rope just to stop her squeaking for a few minutes. The problem with tug is I keep pulling out her remaining baby teeth and our Mistress gets alarmed by the blood.

It was almost as bad with the humans and the Christmas crackers they had. Each cracker had a musical note from a xylophone in it. Then everyone had to try to play a tune with them all playing their note when it was time. I’ll leave you to imagine from my point of view how tuneful that was. Perhaps I should have offered to play tug with one of the humans.

We have had so much rain that our village seems to be getting a little isolated. There is flooding almost everywhere you go. Wilma says it’s a good job she likes mud but then I looked at the webcam from the place she was born and the weather looks lovely there, so I’m thinking of moving. Our Mistress says she’d like to come with me and Wilma thinks it is a great idea, but wants to bring some mud with her.

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  1. Dear Alfie, oh you poor guy! Theank you for being so patient with my wild daughter Wilma. She sure will grow up and lose her interest for the squeakers. But the bigger problem of you all is the rain in your region. I saw pictures on tv of rubber boats in the streets and sheep trapped on tiny islands in the floods. I hope very much that the rain will stop as soon as possible and that your humans won’t have damages caused by the water – paws crossed!
    Concerning the mud: even if you come to visit me some time (yes please, come!) you needn’t to take mud with you. There’s a lot of it here around, I promise. I will send pictures of me and auntie Katie which will show your mistress that Wilma’s passion for mud is probably inheritable. Perhaps you can even post these pictures in your blog to prove the truth about muddy Swiss Entlebuchers!

    • I’ll post some pictures of the floods tomorrow we have a lot of mud and water. I was up to my knees in it at one point on our walk today. I was not happy. Love from Alfie

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