Saturday 8th October 2011 – demanding to be fed

I think today’s video is self-explanatory. I’ve entitle it ‘Demanding to be fed’ and you will need your sound on to get the benefit of it. You can watch it here. It was recorded at 6am but to be honest it could equally have been 1am or 3am. It was another long night and the feeding process is now a two stage affair. Firstly the puppies have as much milk as Shadow is able and willing to give them and then when she gets out they move on to puppy food mush. Some of them are full from milk and some of them are nose in or more often feet and tails in, getting it everywhere and slurping away to their hearts content. It will be interesting to see when we weigh them later whether this new approach has helped. Yesterday’s weight gains of between 20g and 50g were disappointing.

The other thing that now happens is they come to my Mistress and all they want is a cuddle. Amigo is the best for that and has totally left us falling in love with him. They are all inquisitive, confident and affectionate puppies. Shadow has done an amazingly good job and her position as an esteemed dog in the household is guaranteed. She has excelled herself in almost every regard, except her willingness to stay and feed them, but you can’t have everything.