Saturday update and Annette

Oh what a day it’s been. The puppies have squelched through food and generally worn it. I think they may have eaten some but they could more often be found sitting in it. Amigo is putting in repeated bids to remain part of the family and now has Andy on side too. Shadow had a lovely run with Megan and said she felt so good to be out with her pal. They ended up soaking wet and covered in mud, which they liberally shared with my Mistress, leading to much cleaning up before she was allowed back in with the puppies. All the puppies are gaining weight, but we are concerned that they are doing so more slowly than we expected. I’m sure they will catch up in a while, it’s still early days.

Today’s update is Annette She is still the heaviest girl, weighing 1210g. She overtook Adrienne last week and they keep reversing who is in the lead. There is still only 30g in it. Only Arnold and Amigo are heavier. Avril and Aristotle passed the kilogram mark today, so they are gaining slowly but steadily. Andy was thrilled to find that Annette’s eyes and ears have opened since he last saw her and she is now on her feet and tottering around. He really isn’t going to want her to go to another home, but my Master is insisting they can’t all stay here.

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