Friday update and Arnold

Oh if you saw the puppies with their dog food mush. Mostly they walk through it and fall in it, but from time to time they eat it. It looks like a modern art painting session in there when they’ve finished. The feeding side is not going entirely to plan. Shadow is bored with the whole lying quietly and letting them do as they please scenario and is

Arnold day 19

now keener to sit in her own bed and watch them from a distance. The problem is that at not even three weeks old, the puppies don’t see it in the same light. It wouldn’t be so bad if they were ready to only eat every 3 hours, but at the moment they still want to eat approximately every 90 minutes and Shadow will not cooperate with that. My Mistress’s idea of giving them an intervening feed of puppy food is not entirely working as the puppies have their own ideas. They are happy to have puppy food twice a day but have put their paws down at missing out on their mum’s milk for any more feeds than that. I suppose it is the start of the negotiation process. Shadow is holding out for a maximum of every 3 hours and my poor Mistress is in the middle acting as negotiator. She presents the puppies’ demands to Shadow and then goes back to the puppies with Shadow’s answer. I strongly expect she will be verging on insanity in just a few more hours. As I write this she achieved Shadow getting in and lying down on condition she cleaned the pen out first and got the puppies out of the way. If that is the price she has to pay, she will get no sleep because of the washing machine being on constantly. Ah the joys of parenting.

The puppies were thrilled to hear from their dad today. He is looking at their pictures through my diary, so a big welcome to Rino. You’re puppies are simply gorgeous, you did a great job. They also heard from their uncle Freddy’s family. He is still very seriously ill and is in hospital. He will hear the results of his tests on Monday but definitely needs your thoughts and prayers.

Arnold is doing wonderfully. He is a very caring dog and is quiet by temperament. He is not the one normally to be found woofing or causing chaos. He can be found taking care of Aristotle and for that if nothing else has endeared himself to my Mistress. Today he weighed 1230g and is still the biggest of the family.