Monday 3rd October 2011 – Two weeks old today

This time last week, when it came to their first week birthday, I was too worried about little Aristotle to really celebrate. This week they are all doing well, so a very happy second week birthday to all you little puppies.

Last night we were utterly transfixed watching Arnold taking care of Aristotle. He was carefully washing his face. It’s one of the most amazing things I have ever seen, a puppy less than two weeks old looking after his little brother. Whoever Arnold goes to live with is going to have one very special dog as part of the family.

It is also lovely how much they have got attached to my Mistress. They are so used to her smell as someone who takes care of them that if she leans into their pen they come over and cuddle up to her arm to go to sleep. She has been learning a great deal about the importance of scent to a dog. She has also seen how good that sense of smell is as you can still be some distance from them when they react and come scurrying over. You know it’s about smell as it has been before their eyes and ears are open.

Talking of birthdays has reminded me that I forgot to wish Megan a real happy second birthday yesterday. She loves playing fetch with a tennis ball, but unfortunately very quickly destroys the tennis ball. For her birthday my Mistress successfully bid for a whole load of second hand tennis balls so that she can play whenever she wants to.

Today’s video is here.