Avril and today’s weigh in

I forgot to tell you earlier that my Master is very happy. He has been cast as the baddy in the pantomime again this year. He really is a bit too realistic for any of our liking.

Weigh in went well with everyone gaining weight. Avril gained the least with an extra 28g and Arnold the most at 60g. Four of them are now past the kilogram mark. Aristotle is still bringing up the rear with 804g.

Avril day 15

Avril is still the smallest of the girls. She is a little bit more dumpy at this stage than the others, but it may just be puppy fat. She was the first to open her eyes and is easy to spot by the small patch of white on her right shoulder. She weighed 566g a week ago and 818g today. We are hoping that once they are weaned and not having to compete with the big ones, that she and Aristotle will catch up.

She likes to snuggle up to one of the

Avril day 15

others. It’s normally Aristotle that she is close to, but if he is not available, due to being at the bottom of a pile of dogs, then she will just as happily snuggle one of the others.