Alan – update

Alan day 14

Last week Alan was 578g, today he has reached 926g. He is fifth in terms of size, but is only 84g lighter than his big brother Arnold. He is the first one to be able to really walk a few steps, which was very exciting to witness. He and Amigo are the noisy ones. They both woof and grumble in their sleep. He isn’t as mischievous as Amigo though and is really very cuddly and cute.

Alan day 7

In a brave facing up to the potential spiders, my Mistress ventured into the loft today on behalf of the puppies. Years ago she used to collect newspapers from all over the world. When we moved here they all went in the loft and she did wonder whether it might be time to get rid of some of them. Now she needs them for the puppies to pee on. The puppies can look forward to a very international range of titles and next time we move there will be a little less clutter to take with us. It’s funny, my Mistress seems to be in a clearing out phase. I’m just hoping that she doesn’t start looking at any of my things.


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