Tuesday 5th October 2011 – progress and video

My Mistress should be under full time supervision. She decided to build the extension to the puppies whelping box yesterday. It did not go according to plan. First of all the parts did not come with any instructions, which was not a great beginning. My Mistress tried putting them together in the way that she thought logically they should go, only to realise that that was not how they fitted together. She then worked out from a picture on the internet how they should be, only to find that when that way round Shadow couldn’t actually get in. After that, my Mistress basically redesigned the pen to make it work for Shadow – at that point she came up under a work surface taking all the skin off her lower back and bruising it. She put some ointment on it, took some paracetemol and returned to the job. Having achieved a semi-successful redesign she found that it was really slightly too big to fit in the room, unless it blocked access to the freezer. The only way it could fit would have left my Mistress’s bed in the direct path of where the incoming spiders seem to walk. She may be being a little braver at dealing with spiders, but she is not that brave, Quite apart from anything the puppies looked lost in such a huge area and in a week’s time will be moving into their playpen during the day anyway. The end result was that the whole lot was dismantled again and put away and all she has to show for her efforts is a poorly back.

It isn’t just human babies who sleep sucking their thumbs. That’s how little Avril was this morning when they were ready for their 6.30 feed. She had one toe of her little paw in her mouth.

Today’s video starts to liven up after three minutes when the puppies finish eating and start to move about. Watch it here.

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