13.00 Tuesday – day 9 video

The puppies have spent the morning eating and sleeping. The biggest difference today is that they are starting to crawl rather than wriggle and can get quite a bit of speed up when given the prospect of their mum getting back into the box with them. Keeping them out of the way long enough for her to lie down is a nightmare. They also now start clambering out of the container that is supposed to house them while my Mistress changes their bedding and cleans everywhere out.


In terms of today’s weights, Arnold has past the 750g, which is the point we are seeing as the safety zone for being squashed by his mum. Adrienne and Amigo have passed 700g and Alan and Annette are not far behind. Avril is now only 8g short of 600, while our darling Aristotle has at last passed 500 and is 510g. At this rate my Mistress may be sleeping with them for a little while yet! Today’s video is here.